RE-ELECT Linda Flanders
for Goodhue County Commissioner

Dependable Leadership for Goodhue County


For over 20 years, Red Wing has been my town and I chose to make it my home. Goodhue County is a great place to live and ancestors on both sides of my family are from Goodhue County. We also have our challenges. When a seat opened up, it was time to step forward. Local government is the place where decisions have real effect.  The skills I developed through various careers are valuable for forward thinking; not just how we are affected right now, but also for our children and grandchildren’s generations. I want to be part of creating a better future. I am a strong advocate for innovation and creative thinking for the age-old issues that we face. Now that we are in the great unknown, I definitely want to be part of finding our way through this, to get to the other side.




   By doing the job for almost a year, I have gained a more global understanding of the interconnections between departments and their responsibilities. I study the issues presented and look at the options. I talk to staff for clarity on issues and ask other Board members for historical context. I am on the Tech Committee and know that high speed Internet is essential for rural areas to compete in today’s world. I recently became the Chair for the Health and Human Services Board. We are currently developing the new Strategic Plan for the County. And I am a County representative on the Joint Powers Board for the Southeast Minnesota Economic Development Board and the Cannon Valley Trail Board.

We all get further with collaboration and cooperation. My qualifications come from a variety of skills and experiences. The skills I gained as a first responder are essential in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Living in other parts of the country, and the world, I experienced other cultures and lifestyles. I learned to embrace and enjoy our human diversity. Being a creative producer, I know the involved process of taking an idea and developing it into something real that fills a gap or offers value. By paying for most of my own projects, I learned the value of being efficient and economical. I am dedicated, well rounded and hard working.



Unfortunately, no one can predict when we will actually be in the recovery phase. My highest priorities are keeping people safe, keeping businesses open, and keeping people working. I’m on the Strategic Planning Committee for Health and Human Services and the Economic Development Joint Powers Board. I’ll know more in coming months.              

Listening and Being Heard

I encourage people to call, email or write to me. I’m accessible. I study issues and reach out to citizens with expertise to gather as much information as possible before making a thoughtful decision. Good decisions are not made in a vacuum; citizen input is essential. There are always multiple perspectives, and while each is important, the final decision requires sorting through those perspectives to make the most thoughtful decision. When an issue affects a specific area or neighborhood, I have knocked on doors and specifically asked people what their views were.



“I make thoughtful decisions. I am well prepared to serve. I am accessible and hardworking and I encourage citizen input”.


I am asking for your vote on November 3rd, 2020