Linda Flanders for District 1 County Commissioner
An Innovative Voice for Goodhue County

Linda Flanders’ Campaign Message

It’s called the Rural Brain Drain. 

Young people with energy and talents leaving small towns and taking assets with them. They can’t afford to come back. No one can pay off a student loan or find a place to live on $15 an hour. 

It’s called Outliving Your Money. 

Seniors feel their income sinking and living costs rising, knowing that’s not sustainable. Healthcare is expensive and health needs are growing. Fear is taking root. 


It’s called the Technological Revolution.

Technology is evolving, learning and expanding at a faster pace than human beings. The human part pays a price and all of us feel the effects as anxiety increases. Technology is changing life, as we know it, faster than we can keep up. Old jobs are going. New jobs aren’t here yet. Training opportunities are limited.

It’s called Lack Of Awareness.

In small Midwestern communities there are global issues that are dangerous and destructive: drug trafficking, family violence and terrorism, shootings and human trafficking. There is a high financial cost for picking up the pieces of people’s lives ($3.2 trillion nationally/$8 billion in MN) and it’s mentally, physically and emotionally heartbreaking.

Here’s what we face:

·     Students can’t afford to live here ($18 hour salary to afford housing)

·     Seniors are struggling with cost of living and healthcare choices (35% are seniors and 30%    live with a disability)

·     Millennials are sandwiched between aging parents and raising children (40% make under $50,000 and 40% are cost-burdened with housing)

·     Anxiety and depression are increasing (120 suicide calls in Red Wing 2018)

·     Self medicating is increasing and drug violations have doubled since 2014

                                    We can do better in Goodhue County

It’s called Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We invest in ourselves, in prevention, intervention, in health, and in our environment. We use science to help make decisions, and evaluations to show when we are successful or need to try something different. The old ways no longer work. We don’t have the time, the money or the human power to sustain the way we are doing many things. We still operate in silos, yet function as an interdependent system.

·     We waste time and money

·     We stifle creativity

·     We avoid looking at problems from a variety of perspectives and developing new ways of solving them 

                     Better opportunities offer better possibilities for better outcomes


We Can Do Better in Goodhue County

We are more diverse now with 8% of our population being people of color. This offers multiple ideas. As people living together in the same area, we are part of a system; interconnected and dependent on one another. 

·     We can promote basic business skills and develop things that fill a need at a fair price, encouraging entrapreneurship – the main engine for economies to evolve and regenerate

·     We can work locally and promote globally, creating new income sources

·     We can embrace and celebrate our diversity

·     We can participate 

I Believe We Can Thrive, Not Just Survive. 

Government cannot do everything for people; it can work together and not stand in the way of the public good. Government can be honest and open and promote investment into innovation, encouraging the areas where the future in beckoning. Government can protect the environment we live in and not stubbornly risk public health or economic growth. As individuals, we can each do our part to improve the health of our own lives, one step at a time.


“I will be open, honest, investigate issues, seek innovation, and work to improve health and economic prosperity.”


I have a friend, Briana. 

I worked with her for many years and her story became a long case study. She’s now an adult in her 30’s. She works, she volunteers, she goes to church, she sings, she believes in ideals and she is a gold medal winner. She does the best she can with the hand life dealt her: she controls herself (avoiding institutionalization), contributes to the community (knits baby hats and donates to local hospitals), works (at Proact), exercises (competes in the Special Olympics), and she is a loving member of her family (most days). She struggles. She rebounds. She contributes. Most days she’s happy.  

“I believe we can all get there.”

I am asking for your vote on November 5th

                                                               A Vote for Innovation